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Are you looking for perfect Business Intelligence solutions and Azure
analytic services? Are you trying to streamline your business analytics and decision making with modern business technology? Are you trying to locate reliable infrastructure architects for your deployment environments?

If so, Reval IT is the right place to begin.

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What is Reval IT?

We are a small family company based in Estonia and a growing team of Microsoft business solutions enthusiasts. We love helping emerging, small and growing businesses as well as large organizations unleash the real power of their business decision making capabilities with  Power BI and Azure Cloud and Analytics.

We love what we do and combine our team’s collective professional experience of decades with our passion for helping businesses analyze their business information more accurately and build a dependable application architecture, with more clearly presented reports, clearer  ata hierarchies, and in-depth assessments to make most beneficial decisions.

Working as your partner, we connect our success to yours. We win when you overcome your business intelligence, architecture engineering, and analytics problems using our advice and help.

Our Vision

To become the go-to business intelligence and Azure infrastructure development and analytics partner for businesses regardless of their industry

Our Mission

To achieve our vision by becoming the most reliable supplier of Microsoft Power BI services, Azure Cloud, analytics, and infrastructure architecture solutions from initial setups and protocol execution to troubleshooting and training their team to adopt best practices while building lasting relationships based high quality of service

Our Core Values

  • Unbeatable expertise in our subject areas and technologies that we use
  • Seamless accessibility for clients with both remote and on-site capabilities
  • High adaptability for working in new environments
  • Delivering unmatched value for clients’ investment in business intelligence, analytics, and infrastructure
Harri Hänninen

Harri Hänninen

OnPrem and Azure Cloud 

Elin Hänninen

Elin Hänninen

Data mining and Power BI analyzing

What do we do for you?


Why should you choose us to be your business intelligence and Azure planning advisors? Because the members of our team have many years of
experience in advising businesses of various sizes and maturity in a wide range
of industries regarding these aspects of modern business operations. We have
the experience, capability, knowledge and processes that we use to advise you for making as informed business decisions as possible. We help you achieve this feat with a combination of Microsoft Power BI reporting and Azure infrastructure building and analytics capabilities.


As a growing business looking to find a competitive advantage, your organization could use the help of architects who can turn your muddled business ideas into practical plans and deploy them. As your partners for infrastructure and data architecture, we build your viable business ideas into marketable products and services, and we use Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to do it


Through Microsoft Power BI reports, we offer you deep and insightful data that is presented to be easily comprehensible with a mix of textual and
graphical content. We can help you identify the most important trends in your business data that could lead to highly rewarding business decisions.

We do all that and more – and love every bit of it!


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