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What is Reval IT?

We are a small family company from Estonia. Our main knowledge is in Microsoft products. We are helped several companies over the decades.

We have a strong "Let's do it possible" attitude!

Harri Hänninen

Harri Hänninen

OnPrem and Azure Cloud 

Elin Raaper

Elin Raaper

Data mining and Power BI analyzing

What do we do?


We have a lot of experience with different size companies in many business sectors. We can help you to develop your company processes and help to make the right decisions with Microsoft Power BI reporting.


Do you need an architect who can plan and deploy your ideas in life? We have probably already created that system so we know what to do. If your idea is completely unique we have wide knowledge to create it insecure way. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services can decrease your Infrastructure cost.


Power BI reports offer easily readable data what can help your decisions? Do you want to see what you and your company can do better? We can create interactive reports with Power BI from your data where you can see the information that you need without tricks.

Made with Love

Many customers wondering why our peoples know so many technologies and how we have the power to studying all the time new things? The answer is simple. Because we love it!


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