Our customers over the years:

Finland: Major telecommunication, software, security, insurance, IT service companies and public sector.
Estonia: Leading companies in public transport, healthcare, and food industry

For several reasons (incl. security, and privacy) we do not publish our clients

Our (core) in-house competencies:

  1. Data analysis
  2. Cloud services
  3. Microsoft servers and services

Projects we have carried:

  1. Data mining from different of kind data sources
  2. Analysing data with PowerBi, QlikView, SAP Lumira, SAS Visual, QlickSense, Tableau, and Excel.
  3. Domain harmonizations and migrations
  4. Microsoft remote access solutions planning, deployments, and maintenance (Always On VPN and DirectAccess)
  5. Azure cloud migrations and maintenance
  6. Office 365 deployments and maintenance
  7. Workstation management planning, deployments, migrations and maintenance
  8. Datacenter and infrastructure planning, deployments and maintenance
  9. VMware and Hyper-V virtualization platforms planning, deployments, migrations and maintenance